Data & Privacy

This site runs off Ghost. Information on Ghost's Data and Privacy habits can be found at the following links. The TLDR is that Ghost only stores voluntarily user data. That is, data given by the user (e.g. emails and names when making an account). This site is currently being hosted by Digital Ocean in their NYC1 datacenter and it's backed up weekly by Digital Ocean.

As of 8/10/2021 I've added Google Analytics for this site. It's a small tag that's put in the header of the page. I have it set to messure Views, Scrolling, Outbound Clicks, Site Search, Video Engagement, and File Downloads. Google Analytics has it's own TOS and Data Policy that you can find here.

GDPR Compliance - Ghost - FAQ
We act as both a data processor and a data controller under the GDPR. Read more about GDPR compliance at Ghost.
What about cookies?
I am using ghost with the caspar theme. As I live in germany I need to have some kind of cookie policy in order to prevent legal issues. I am pretty novice in terms of using ghost but I’m making my way. My questions are: Does ghost set any cookies besides the cookies necessary for admin/author/ow…