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The first post of Recent Readings. A summary of the books I've read this week. Covering everything from technical manuals to fiction.

Recent Readings - 0
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This is the first post in a hopefully long series. I read a lot and I figured I'd start chronicling it. As the title suggests I'll be covering my recent readings. In these posts, I hope to talk about everything from technical readings to fiction. Originally the series was to be called Readings of the Week but I think weekly publications is a bit much. That said I'll probably only cover content I read the week of writing. As this is a voluntary report I figure I'd give myself the freedom to schedule posts when I want.  


Foundations of Information Security - A Straightforward Introduction

Jason Andress's Foundations of Information Security acts as a high-level overview of information security. While I just finished the first chapter I can tell it will be a very valuable book. My knowledge of information security is mostly low level and just the first chapter has provided a lot of context of infosec organization and classifications. The first chapter covers defining infosec, the CIA and Parkerian Hexad security models, different types of attacks threats and vulnerabilities, and an introduction to risk management and incident response. I'm taking my time reading it and am always sure to have a notebook at the ready.

Linux Basics for Hackers

OccupyTheWeb's Linux Basics for Hackers acts as an introduction to using Linux. If you're already well versed in Linux it's a light read and a nice refresher. It covers all the basics and I'd recommend it to anyone wanting to learn Linux even if they're not interested in hacking. The book does cover some hacking specific knowledge but doesn't get too far into it.


Ark Royal

Ark Royal, by Christopher G. Nuttall, is the first instalment of a 17 book (as of writing) naval military sci-fi series. The story follows a drunkard reservist Captin in the fight against a new alien threat. It's a first contact book in the military sci-fi genera. It reminds me a lot of the Honor Harrington series by David Weber.

The Nelson Touch

The Nelson Touch is the second instalment of the Ark Royal series. The Captain, now a war hero, is challenged with leading a fleet in the first offensive action of the war.

How to Defeat a Demon King in Ten Easy Steps

Probably the most enjoyable book I read this week, How to Defeat a Deamon King in Ten Easy Steps is a LitRPG that follows the story of a young optimistic girl in her quest to defeat the demon king. Authored by Andrew Rowe the book features a multitude of Zelda references. At one point even speedrunning is referenced. The book was thoroughly enjoyable and the story was told with humour not often seen in modern fiction.